Obviously I am a big advocate of POSITIVE THINKING. This is only a small part of the practices needed to live a longer more fulfilling life. Another of the most important things to be 100% aware of EVERYDAY is what we put into our bodies! Our food we eat which of course includes the liquids we drink cannot be overlooked. WE all want extra energy. A lot of us need that BOOST in the afternoon so that we can make it through the rest of the day.

I listen to A LOT of podcasts during the day. A shit-ton on self-improvement, which include quite a few on health and nutrition. I am fortunate to be in fairly good shape. I exercise more then average and eat better than average. IS THAT ENOUGH? As I get older, I am starting to think that maybe it isn’t…

I have recently been listening to a podcast called The School of Greatness. Lifestyle entrepreneur, Author and former pro athlete, Lewis Howes, hosts this podcast. I recently listened to a couple of episodes in a row that really resonated with me. For some reason I really needed to tell you about them.

The first episode that I would like to touch on is the Dec. 18, 2014 (#116) How to Double Your Energy (The Healthy Way) with guest Yuri Elkaim.

Yuri Elkaim was also a former athlete that struggled with problems such as fatigue, digestion issues and even hair loss!!

Now don’t get me wrong. There are hundreds if not thousands of different opinions not to mention “Diet Programs” out there but I choose to write about this one beings that it is one that I am practising almost to a “T”(I stress ALMOST)

Here is the breakdown of How to Double Your Energy in 7 Days and the 7 Commandments of energy.


1. Anything that slows down your digestion is going to compromise your energy.

-       Your body’s ability to heal and repair is ultimately compromised when we eat heavy, high carb meals. If it is busy trying to breakdown and process the food that you have eaten then it wont have the energy to keep you alert and even awake! Yuri claims that it is scientifically proven that eating less can give you more energy.

2. Anything that clutters the mind and takes away focus will deplete energy.

-       Always thinking and having that hamster wheel constantly running in your head is very draining. Taking a moment and clearing the thoughts from your mind throughout the day is much more effective then hitting the coffee machine or slamming a red bull… I have touched on meditation before. I don’t do it enough

3.  Oxygen must flow freely in our bodies in order for it to be delivered to our cells.

-       We must consume to the right foods in order for this to happen. Eating processed foods, fast foods, grains, sugar and dairy have an acidic effect on our body. This changes the physiology in our body. A virtual traffic jam is created in our bloodstream that does not allow the free flow of oxygen.  Eating plant based foods with a big focus on green vegetables allows the blood to maintain a healthy state by giving off the alkaline minerals that is needed for this free flow.

4. Stress and “Adrenal Fatigue” affect energy… Bigtime

-       Your adrenal glands help your body deal with stress and controls whether or not your body stores or burns fat. Stress is not just about worrying. Other majors kinds of stress include, over exercising, eating the wrong foods, having low blood sugar, poor quality sleep, pollutants, toxins etc…  If we are constantly under stress and our bodies are producing hormones to breakdown stored glycogen into blood sugar which is fine in the short term, our body goes into what Yuri calls “Adrenal Fatigue”. Stimulation is not what the body needs. Tranquility is the answer.  Yuri claims that there is NO ROOM FOR CAFFIENE in the body. Caffeine is to energy like Credit cards are to Financial Health. Hahahaha.

5. Juicing. The Good and the Bad

       -      Juice veggies as opposed to fruit. Fructose is very prominent in our fruit today. Eating the whole fruit complete with the skin allows the fibre to delay the release of fructose. If you think you are doing your body a favour by juicing a dozen apples and some cantaloupe then think again. If you drink coca cola, you are getting the exact same amount of fructose as you would by drinking apple juice. Focus on ju9icing on veggies and add a fruit for sweetening.

6. Movement is life. Stagnation is death.

-       If you want to feel more energetic during the day, stand up versus sitting down. If your blood is flowing then oxygen is being transferred to your cells. When you are sick your body is busy using your energy for healing and not for movement. That is why you don’t feel like moving around.

7. How you heal anything is how you heal everything.

-       When you give your body what it is craving, it rewards you by giving you health in return. Eating more plants in the raw state and avoiding the foods that cause issues such as grains, sugar, caffeine and so on so your body can work on putting yourself back together.

-       Stay away from Sugar, Caffeine, Gluten(which actually attacks our intestines. The amount of bodily stress that this protein causes us is a whole other blog post!) and Dairy. We are the only species that drinks another species milk.

         In closing, I would again like to stress that this is absolutely none of my idea. Although I do agree with ALL of it but have not the will power to follow the entire ideal. Challenge your self. I have recently given up Gluten, most dairy and alcohol for the month of January. I have noticed a significant change and increase in my energy level. True statistic!
        I have included the link to the actual episode on ITunes. I really enjoy listening to Lewis and will definitely touch on a few more of his podcasts.

As we walk through this world, one step at a time, we all wonder to ourselves in silent or even out loud expressing our thoughts to each other and the universe. We all ask the same questions. Am I on the right path? Is there more for me out there?

 One of the most frequently asked questions that we ask ourselves is…

 Why is life so hard?

 An old cliché always pops up as the default answer to this very difficult question.

 Life is as hard as you make it!

 Well, I take offense to this statement, as do most. I do not MAKE it hard to get out of bed and go to work in the morning! I do not MAKE it hard to raise two young children all the while keeping a relationship in good repair! I do not MAKE it hard to choose a book over television!

 It’s just HARD!

 So… I do not have the answer to this question. Nor does anyone else otherwise we would all be living a much easier life and there would be no hardships. I do have a little twist to help you with this question. Actually we will eliminate the question and ask a whole new one.

 Why isn’t life easy?  There! Now we have an answerable question that we can start to attack by using a NEW cliché.

 Life is as easy as you make it! Doesn’t that blow your mind? Dealing with life’s difficulties can be both mentally and physically exhausting if you don’t take the steps required to settle the mind and calm the spirit. The steps to acknowledge that change is needed in order to realize that the daily trails and tribulations that we face can be perceived as not STUMBLING blocks but BUILDING blocks today that will lead to a whole new and exciting tomorrow! The steps needed stop the procrastinating and the laziness. The steps needed to erase the doubt and fear.  Although there are many weapons that we can keep in our arsenal of self-preservation, these three steps are of the utmost importance.

1.     BE WHERE YOU ARE! Carpe diem. SIEZE THE DAY! Live in this moment. You don’t get this day back so make it the best day you can make it. This will lay the groundwork for what once may have been an uninspiring and dull 24 hours and turn it into the most enjoyable and fun filled day that you have had since… Yesterday! Make those choices that you know you should make. We all make mistakes. We all LEARN from them as well. Be grateful that we are blessed enough to be able to screw up yet still learn and grow from it.

2.     BREATHE. This is a big one! Is your boss on your tail to get the numbers in on time? Are the kids yelling and screaming and don’t want to eat supper? Take a couple of minutes and BREATHE. You will soon begin to notice a more focused and healthier state of mind. Consider that your boss may be under the gun from his higher ups. Consider that your child may be tired from a long day and doesn’t know how to express their discomfort to you. Leave the area and take a moment for yourself. Take a few deep breaths. Relax and regroup. Come back to the issue focused and ready to handle the situation calmly.

3.     BE GRATEFUL. Gratitude can be practiced in the morning, at night or every hour upon the hour during the day! As soon as you open your eyes in the morning. Be grateful for the ability to go to work. Be grateful to be in control of and able to change your OWN mind.  Be grateful in knowing that there are hundreds of thousands of people going through the same types of issues and take comfort in the fact that there are answers out there and individuals willing to help you answer ALL of the questions that you may have.

 Practicing these three simple actions daily will increase your awareness and help you to handle the inevitable situations that occur frequently in our lives. We are given THIS LIFE one time and one time only. Take care of your self by filling your mind with knowledge. Exercise the mind as well as the body.

 Soon you may be asking yourself…

Why is life so easy?

That pretty much sums it up in one word. I have been the master at this for well over 7 months now regarding the posts, edits and even ideas on Hardcorepositivity.com  I am sorry and will work more vigilant in the future to bring you closer to the bees buzzing around in my head. 
The winter affects people in different ways. Some embrace the beauty and the quiet of a cold sunny winters day.  True that it is a sight to behold. When it is sunny and from the point in the world that I view it from, that sun lasts about 4 hours! 
Some, on the other hand do not embrace such a day. Winter brings depression, sadness and mental confusion. The winter BLAHS... Damn cold... Crappy darkness... Can't stand shovelling anymore stupid snow!
This brings me to the point of this blog. Procrastination. It is a very easy concept to understand. You have a task, do it later. Later becomes next week and next week becomes 7 months later. Depression, laziness and overall lack of ambition in a crazy season such as winter makes it very easy to procrastinate on the simplest of tasks. 
Ding ding ding!!! You can beat this beast! Believe me. Once you start and put these 5 easy steps into action regarding the beginning and completing of the easiest and most dreaded tasks on your plate, it will be "sky's the limit" for you!
1. Don't be mean to yourself
Give yourself love and understand that you have already procrastinated and will probably start on time if you stop kicking your own ass. Forgive yourself and move on to the next step.
2. Get over the hump
Just get started! Once you get started, you will have more of a chance of keeping the ball rolling. You will have MOMENTUM... Your brain will continue to bug you about getting the task completed. 
3. Ask Why?
If you continue to struggle with getting something accomplished, take a breather, sit down and ask yourself WHY do I want to do this. Get a sense of personal meaning to the situation. 
4. Be aware!
Being aware and mindful of the thoughts you are putting out can have a profound effect on the starting and completion of your procrastinated tasks let alone your entire life. This is one of the most important things I have learned in my life. Control your thoughts. You can! Thoughts become things. True. Put the less productive thoughts away and the important and productive ones at the forefront. 
We will do a blog on meditation soon. Very important. 
5. Break it down. 
Of course not all tasks need to be broken down but the HUGE ones can be daunting.  Break the HUGE task into smaller and more manageable ones. Instead of thinking I HAVE TO COMPLETE "PROJECT A"... Start simple by perhaps sending some emails or reading a few paragraphs of the first book you need to research. Starting the smaller tasks lead to the completion of the big one. 

We could probably venture to guess that there are a thousand more steps you could take to beating procrastination and getting your projects completed but that would only delay the completion of the projects! Lol
It is summertime now. I can definitely find good reasons to procrastinate due to the incredible weather but just writing this blog now holds me accountable. Time to get some work done!

Good luck and drop me a line sometime at admin@hardcorepositivity.com

You haven’t heard from me for a while.
Sorry about that.
To be honest, I’m running scared.  
Do you know that feeling?  Some would call it performance anxiety.  Some would call it personal sabotage.  Some may even call it simply being chicken sh...  
What do you call it?  When you know what you can do.  When you face doing what you’ve always been able to do and...it just disappears.  Your confidence, your faith, even your inspiration.  It just disappears and you’re left feeling...empty.   Maybe a little stupid.   Blank.   Yes, you’re just left feeling blank. (Fear and doubt.  They’re monsters, aren’t they?)  

Ultimately, I end up asking myself: who’s expectations am I attempting to live up to?   If my goal is to achieve what others expect of me, then is what I’m doing really still mine?  If I’m striving for perfection, there’s the danger I’m not going a step farther than right here for fear of failure.  I don’t want to stay here...

I want to keep growing, learning, moving.   I can’t sit frozen, worried of what others will think.   I have to do it for me.   Not for my desire to be seen.  Not for my desire to be recognized or acknowledged.  Not for my desire to be told,
“You’re good.”
“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.”
- Epictetus (55AD - 135AD), Serendipity
There it is.  I have to do it for me. 
No more fear and doubt--foolish and stupid it is.
Maybe I was on the right path all along.
It's Saturday. I was up all night with my daughter. I shared a bottle of wine with my wife. I have a blister on my heel. Blah Blah Blah...
Get out today and get a workout in. In fact, don't make it a SMALL workout! Blast those pecs! Rip those Triceps! Run 12km instead of 5km.
We all have OFF days but working through these EXCUSE riddled times will ultimately create the results that we want in both physical and mental selves.
Now, if you are on a strict training regimen then I assume that this may be a RECOVERY day in which case you deserve the physical break. This may be a time to explore the world of yoga or meditation.
YOGA  is a generic term for the physical,mental and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India with a view to attain a state of permanent peace.
Potential benefits of YOGA include musculoskeletal and mental health improvements, reduced symptoms of asthma in asthmatics and has been shown to improve mood and anxiety.
Overall, studies of the effects of yoga on heart disease suggest that yoga may reduce high blood pressure, improve symptoms of heart failure, enhance cardiac rehabilitation, and lower cardiovascular risk factors.
There are many websites involved with teaching beginners to advanced practitioners in creating the ZEN mind and body.
Two of my favourites are www.myyogaonline.com and www.yogaheart.com (for beginners)
Have a look at these websites and perhaps build yourself a program to enhance your physical flexibility as well as your mental peacefulness.
Good luck and NO EXCUSES!
- G -

So hey there!
If G’s portion of this blog is to pump you up and keep you going, mine is going to encourage you to slow down and chill.
I’m a thirty-something mom of three awesome youngsters.  I’ve been known to run a marathon or three in the past and up until about six years go, I had my sights set on more races while researching training programs that would take me to attempting my first triathlon.  I loved being active (and I still do) but somewhere along the way, I got sick...

As far as I can tell, it started as a common cold that led to an unusual loss in weight.  Believe me, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited by the pounds that were literally falling off me but after a couple months of it, I couldn’t deny that just how tired and weak I was feeling.  I was in the midst of training for my second marathon so, despite the undeniable fact that my body was not responding well, I continued to run.  Eventually came Christmas and an opportunity to test my suspicions: I gave myself permission to eat whatever I wanted over the holidays, and I do mean WHATEVER!  Mashed potatoes, extra gravy, mounds and mounds of cookies and cakes, pies and tarts (and that was just the food) - nothing was off limits!  The results were not good: an unquenchable thirst, fatigue that could not be overcome, and the loss of 2.5 more pounds despite the 10 days of binging.  I was diabetic and I knew it.

Should I have gone to the doctor?  Yes.  Did I?  Nope.
I was afraid of being told I was not fit to run.
So, I denied the evidence.  I kept training, as mentally and physically painful as it was, and eventually made my way to the start line.
I’m happy to say I made it to mile 20, then...

A hyperglycemic wall was waiting for me and it left me seriously considering quitting.
I seriously thought about limping into the nearest aid station and just sitting down...
My pride had me choked up with tears about how horrible it was that I would be nowhere near my goal time and how embarrassing it was to be me.
Yet, somehow I chose to keep going.

I chose to leave my pride, along with my time goals, on the side of the road in the spot that would have been so easy to sit in myself.  I chose to look up from my shuffling feet and take in the scenes around me - after all, I WAS in Disney World!  I chose to smile at those passing me.  I chose to encourage the few I was passing.  Despite my apparent physical failings, I chose to have fun.

Eventually, the four toenails I lost grew back and the Mickey Mouse medal that motivated me to keep moving found a home in a drawer of random collectibles.  What does remain is a framed collage of pictures that include some of our family adventures in the theme parks, animals from the safari and a few of me with some of the Disney characters that lined the route.  Or at least those that lined the last 6 miles of the race.  They are pictures that I would not have taken the time to pose for had I not been forced to slow down. Ones that would never had been taken had I not chose to keep shuffling.

Don’t be afraid to shuffle, my friends.  Meeting a goal might be impressive but don't forget to consider taking time to smell those roses and pose for those pictures you may never have the chance to pose for again.  Pride may be a great motivator for some but my experience has been that it really isn't much of a prize.  Bragging rights get old but being able to frame a picture of me with the Toy Story gang?  Now that’s priceless.
Never forget the fun.
J. (Diagnosed Type 1 diabetic, 2008)

There is a Feeling that I am sure you have experienced sometime in your career or in your life. Someone a lot wiser than I called it The Winning Feeling…

 It’s not a feeling that you Think You Can Win, it is more like a Knowing You’re Going To Win. It is Very Cool and Very Powerful when you have it, and the Good News is: You can Conjure it up at will. All you do is Vividly Imagine the time when you have had The Feeling, if you honestly haven’t had it or can’t remember when you had it, it will still work for you. You will have to do more work to Get It because you will have to Vividly Imagine what it would be like to KNOW you are going to WIN…

 When Imagining the Winning Feeling, go back in your mind to the time just before the event and ‘Remember’ what it was like to Be There. Remember the Sights and Sounds and Smells and anything you Said or Felt. Pay some attention to this part, it is Important. Remember how you Felt at that time, and Recall the Knowing that you were going to Win. Remember what Your Thoughts Were as well. Spend some time with this and really get into the Feeling State that you had at that time. This is where you want to Be…

 You can conjure up this Winning Feeling at any time and it will serve you well. It will get easier to do and it will come quicker the more you do it.

 If you are thinking that this is ‘Old Hat’ and that you are doing this already, there is one more component that, in my humble opinion, is the Key to getting the most out of this exercise. That is Belief… Once you get to the place where You Own The Winning Feeling, then your Odds of Success just went Off The Charts…

 You often see fighters in pre-fight interviews saying the same thing: that they are going to Win… The Key Factor is their Internal Belief System and how Convinced they are that what they are saying is True. In the weeks ahead of the event, The Winning Feeling can actually be used to Condition the Mind and Convince the Mind that Winning will be the Outcome. Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, said “That whatever the mind can Conceive, and Believe, it can Achieve”…  It is the Voice inside the mind that makes or breaks a lot of Winners. Convince it of the Win by Conjuring up
The Winning Feeling…


It doesn't really get more hardcore than this. Ask for it, Believe it and Receive it. Easy right?
Yes... Incredibly easy. To a degree.
We all have the ability to ask for something. We learned this as a baby when we cry. Then we learn to hold out our hand, say I want, then graduate to asking politely as a toddler to young adult.
This is where it all starts falling apart. As we get older, we begin to stop asking for the things we want because we think that these things require hard work on our parts in order for them to be ours. Bullshit... This is a terrible lesson that we have been taught early in our childhood right up to retirement! Now I am definitely an advocate of hard work and perseverance but by no means do I believe that we must bust our asses for everything good that happens to us. Look at it this way...
If you have thought about it, It is already happening... You have set the wheels in motion for the universe to guide you on the path to ultimately having what it is you are thinking about. Be specific when you ASK for what it is that you desire. Do you want more MONEY? Yes, all of us want more money so let’s talk about something different.  Do you want that delicately used Mercedes Benz E63 AMG? Now that's specific. Its black. It’s a 2007 and it’s also $97,000. This where most of you are stopped in your tracks. You stop asking and start questioning either why we deserve it or how we can afford it? STOP! If you want something that bad... YOU WILL HAVE IT. Did you also know that a $97,000 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG can be had for monthly payments of under $2000?? Just sayin'... Do you want a better job? Fine... What kind of hours do you want to work? Do you want a labor position? Upper management? Where will you be located? How much does this job pay?
All of these questions must be included when asking for and determining your specific goal or desire. The more pointed your questions in your mind and subconscious mind will allow you to see results happening and you start to BELIEVE.
You may start seeing things such as that dreaded bill in the mail that ends up saying DO NOT PAY or the tax refund that is MUCH higher than you had anticipated.
You may have a friend that lets you in on the fact that a position has opened up at the company he/she works at. He/she may invite you to a social gathering where you will end up meeting the manager.
This is where and how you RECEIVE. You are opening yourself up to new opportunities and are now starting to attract things into your life to put you on your desired path.


You will attract everything that you require. If its money you need you will attract it. If its people you need you will attract it. You've got to pay attention to what you're attracted to, because as you hold images of what you want, you're going to be attracted to things and they're going to be attracted to you. It literally moves into physical reality with and through you and it does that by law.
- Bob Proctor
Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

A well-developed mental attitude is key to performing at a high level in sports. You don't have to be a professional athlete to be a successful athlete but mental preparedness is the same when competing at a certain standard or towards a specific goal.

Rest well
Your body is about to be put through a series of tests. You must prepare it for this much like you prepare for an exam in school or a non-sports related event such as a job interview.
Most people don't realize that they do not get enough sleep. Sleep and rest periods are an essential part of any program designed to prepare your body for competition. Without proper sleep and recovery periods, fatigue sets in, in both the way we move and the way we think.
Eat well
Proper diet is a foundation for achieving the mental attitude that we seek to perform at optimum levels. Our body craves the replenishment of energy in order to maintain alertness. Without the right foods and enough water, our bodies and minds will not operate together as well as they can and performance falters.

2. Mental Imagery
I believe this concept of mental preparedness to be just as important as eating and sleeping. The mind is powerful. Imagining yourself performing well in competition and recovering from poor performances positively will enhance the minds ability to make key changes at crucial times much faster as it is already built in to the brains "mainframe".
I also incorporate self-talk into this concept. Positive self-talk among each individual is both important for single person competition and team sports. Internal and external positive self-talk are important in order to increase motivation and neuron arousal levels which are both crucial for peak performance

3. Emotions and Stress
Accepting stress and anxiety as part of sport will separate the successful performance from the less successful performance. Your emotions play an intricate part in identifying readiness and confidence.
Successful athletes realize these emotions and know how to reduce anxiety when it becomes to strong and use positive stress or "Eu-stress" as opposed to "Distress" to improve performance instead of interfere with it.

Prepare, Imagine and Manage emotions to leap ahead of the pack and perform at your best. We all have less than awesome days but doing these three things daily will help limit the sub-stellar performances and keep us excited and focused on rising to new levels every time we step into a performance situation.

Take care & comb your hair.
- G –





This will be a learning curve for you as well as myself. I am very passionate about certain things that I believe make the proverbial world go round but am open to change if it will make my life more enjoyable.

I will be writing about things I KNOW. I will also be looking to YOU to bring up topics via email that could be discussed in later blogs. Please feel free to share your thoughts as this is going to develop faster with reader's input.

From Yoga, meditation and positive affirmations to performance in the rink, field, track and ring... I will try and bring it all to you. If it’s HARDCORE and POSITIVE it will have a spot here!

In my travels I have had the pleasure to meet and stay in contact with many highly trained athletes and business people. I truly believe that this site will open not only YOUR mind but the minds of the professionals who submit their thoughts and ideas.

This site is will not please everyone but if YOU are willing and open to make changes in your life then perhaps you should give it a browse. I look forward to hearing from everyone and hope to see a positive change in ourselves and the lives we touch.
Now get to the gym!